Family Services

Family Structures

In so many ways family businesses contribute above and beyond financial rewards but often face complex issues which many other businesses don’t. Whilst many of our Asian clients have family business that have been operating through many generations they are struggling to adopt and keep up with the change in technologies. Our advisors are well versed in understanding these challenges and we can often provide significant and valuable advice to many of our clients operating within family structures.


We understand that many of our high net-worth clients want to channel some of their wealth and yielding investments towards social endeavours or charitable organisations so we have developed a deep understanding of the options available and the taxation implications of such strategies.

Succession planning

After having established a trusted relationship with our clients many of them choose to have us help them structure their investments to provide for the smooth transfer of their wealth as an integral part of their wider wealth succession structures. As part of our service our advisors are trained to talk through the issues and advise clients as to the creation of distribution strategies and the appropriate structures that are needed in order to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.


Wealth Fortification

Bringing it all together is important and we stress right from the beginning of any relationship with our clients that they consider the appropriate structures and investments that take account of a range of issues incorporating retirement goals, succession planning, charitable endeavours and the over-riding protection of the wealth that they have generated.

Environmental Conciousness

As part of our investment screening process we take account of socially responsible investing (SRI) principles and opportunities and delight in offering our clients outstanding investment opportunities that are sustainable, socially conscious and both ethical and green in nature. We look forward to discussing with you how to invest in stocks and bonds that promote SRI principles and that offer superior returns that meet your investment and risk profile.